Services Since opening the doors on our current shop, our in-house cars have won over 40 features.  Duncan  and Patrick Molesworth, Addison Rogers, and Zack & Trevor Alspach each picked up their first Legends wins in cars built and set up in our shop, using the same setup we sell online with only slight modifications to meet each drivers' different driving styles.  Most recently, Chris Lilly from Grottoes, VA picked up his first wins and VA State Young Lions title running as a Yeatts Racing customer. Our drivers have won 5 National Titles and recorded podium finishes at Legends national events.  No other setup house in VA can say this.

In every year since 2004, Yeatts Enterprises was responsible for over 100 Legends setups, many of whom won races and track/state titles. We progressed from 2002 and 2003, inching our way toward 100 customers, several track and state titles and many feature victories. In every year since 2005, YR customers (including in-house cars) have won over 100 A-main features from Florida to New York to California to Finland and beyond.  We specialize in helping customers find their first taste of victory.

While having Yeatts Racing rebuild and set up your car is the best, most effective way to get a new customer to victory lane, on-site builds are not all we offer.  We also offer a setup manual which can be purchased online.

I will also set your car up in person while you observe or help (that's up to you!). I have taught clinics for over 7 years with great success for my students, several of whom have gone on to win races (one driver won his next time out). I have good relationships with dealers, independent part vendors, tire cutters, engine builders and hundreds of Legends racers all over the world. I can help you get faster, too.

Below is a general list of what we offer:

  • Weekly In-House Maintenance / Setup - Each week of the racing season, we'll go over your car front to back, making repairs and adjustments to help get you to the front.  Our services encompass everything from total rebuilds to getting your cars to and from the track.

  • Driver Development - In addition to keeping your car at its peak, we work with our drivers to help them get faster and closer to the edge.  All of our in-house drivers picked up their first wins in Legends while in our program.  One advantage is Kevin is constantly with them on race day, teaching them on the track and from the pits what needs to be done to get to the front and stay there.    References available on request.

  • Yeatts Racing Setup Manual Sale - It's still the only manual of its kind anywhere.  20+ pages of theory, reasoning, and racing setup strategy that can help take you from mid-pack or worse to the front of the field.  Included in the manual are 2 race-proven winning setups for ovals and our road course setup.  Our setup manual is detailed enough to help your team do-it-yourself, but Kevin is still only a phone call away. 

  • Kevin Yeatts Setup Seminar - A 1 day seminar going over the contents of the setup manual with hands-on training, as well as question & answer sessions.

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I also enjoy building websites. My "day job" has prepared me for this line of work, and I have built some fairly substantial websites to help both race teams and small businesses reach out. Prices for websites start at around $450, so if you think you can't afford it, think again!

Basically, I can help your team get to a higher level, be it on the track or in the public eye. I enjoy what I do, and I hope you'll consider Yeatts Racing when you go looking for help